Berkeley Lab

Water Quality Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing (LBL LDRD)

PI: William Stringfellow

William Stringfellow

Current O&G development chemical use and water management practices are not sustainable and are not acceptable to the public, in part because O&G chemicals have not been sufficiently characterized to allow for an analysis of their environmental impacts. A systematic investigation of the environmental profiles of O&G chemicals, including properties related to contaminant mobility, recalcitrance, and toxicity, will allow the selection of chemicals with improved environmental profiles, that are more acceptable to the public, and can improve the sustainability of O&G development. The characterization and development of fate-transport properties for these chemicals will allow for the application of predictive models in the context of local and regional groundwater investigations, while providing a critical service in protecting groundwater resources in California.

This study will enable LBNL to remain a recognized scientific leader at the forefront of environmental management of unconventional O&G activities in California. It will allow LBNL to continue to remain engaged in the quickly moving activities associated with the crisis caused by improper management and disposal of produced waters and the initiation of scientific studies and monitoring activities under the new SB4 regulations.